Ones and the Clean House

Not all Ones enjoy cleaning and live spotless. In fact, this is a common stereotype for Ones. I asked my friends to share what it’s like being a One who isn’t concerned with having their life spick and span everyday. Here’s what they said:

Certain parts of my home are a mess. While I thoroughly enjoy a good cleaning and like to make sure that our pictures are hung level and centered, cleaning and home organization are not areas where my perfectionism comes out. Being a “neat freak” deterred me from identifying as a One at first, but then I realized my perfectionism comes out in other aspects of my life like my work, my academics, and my relationships. I expend so much mental energy in “perfecting” these areas that I don’t have the capacity sometimes to worry about “perfecting” my home and making it spic and span. It’s nice to come home from a long day and just give my mind a break. That doesn’t mean the critic doesn’t shame me for having a messy house, but it is not something I compulsively have to tend to.” —Sara

Shanna says, “If you came to my house you would not think I am a clean freak, but I do think the cleaning/organizing tendencies come out in other ways for me. I am organized and love organizing, but my house/desk are always in disarray. However, I have recently realized that I do enjoy cleaning when I feel out of order in other ways, like if I'm angry with my spouse I will wash dishes or clean a room, and when I am stressed out the first thing I do is organize/make a list or clean to create order somewhere at least.

Of course, adding children into the equation impacts your lifestyle. A few mamas reached out to share their experience and I thought it was helpful!

“Being a mom has forced me to let go of a perfectly clean home at all times. So maybe I am a neat freak but looking at my life you would not always see that! I think the biggest thing for me is realizing what’s most important. So often reading, playing, snuggling with my babies is more important than emptying the dishwasher or vacuuming the rug. Cleanliness is good, but those things can wait. I’m constantly reminded how quickly time is passing through my children. It’s painful, but it’s sweet! But they truly are my BEST work and they deserve my time and attention. That being said, we do work with them on picking up after themselves, making their beds and taking dishes to the sink. Teaching responsibility is important as well and we have to lead by example.”  —Whitney

My friend Marcella says she likes organization but she is far from being a neat freak. She doesn’t stress about in her home with her children.  “I have two kids, so I learned that letting them be kids and be messy is part of growing up. In my eyes, letting them play and make a mess is the right thing. Ones like to be right, whatever right means for them. So more me, I am okay with this.”

I was reminded that having a system in place is huge for Ones. Whether or not the system looks organized to others,  believe that there was a lot of thought and effort put into it. I can definitely relate.

“I love to be organized and have SYSTEMS in place...but I can let my kitchen floor get pretty dirty.” —Elizabeth

Erin says, “I think for me the one-ness is better summed up as systematic thinking. Not everything is perfect all the time, but when I do something there is always a rhyme or reason, order, mission or pattern. That's the only way that makes sense to me. And can't just DO and I have a hard time understanding how people do things with no WHY.”

“I am not a neat freak but I do thrive in order and structure. I don’t make my bed in the morning, I don’t fold my clothes as soon as they leave the dryer, etc. In my home, everything has a place, I am just more lenient with myself in this space.” —Jessica

I loved hearing about others’ experiences and differences!. Whether we prefer organized systems or structure, we function similarly.  It’s amazing how God made us all unique and special!

“With your very own hands you formed me; now breathe your wisdom over me so I can understand you. When they see me waiting, expecting your Word, those who fear you will take heart and be glad. I can see now, God, that your decisions are right; your testing has taught me what’s true and right.” —Psalm 119:73-74

Post written by: Lydia Horner of @1ish_andiknowit


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