I'm Stuck Between Two Different Types. Help!

The following statements look at key differences between types, which might help you determine which one you are. 

One: Good despite how it’s perceived
Two: Good because of how it is perceived 

One: Focused on the task at hand
Three: Focused on the outcome 

One: Consistent, rule following, rigid
Four: Inconsistent, enjoys freedom, fluid 

One: Wants clear communication, lots of reassurance, and lots of communication 
Five: Wants clear communication, independence, and limited communication 

One: Wants to be right, so their conscience is clear 
Six: Wants to be right, to have the security of acting on true information 

One: Struggles to break the rules
Seven: Looks for where they can break the rules 

One: Focused on doing it right
Eight: Focused on getting it done 

One: Has big opinions
Nine: Struggles to know their own opinions 

Two: I must be loved
Three: I must be seen as successful 

Two: I must be seen as selfless and generous
Four: I must be understood and appreciated 

Two: I need people to adore me!
Five: I’d appreciate if others respected my independence 

Two: I am overly trusting
Six: It takes a lot of time for me to trust people 

Two: I want to be the person everyone thanks 
Seven: I want to be at the center of the fun 

Two: I really care that others like me 
Eight: If you’re not important to me, I could care less if you like me 

Two: I will aggressively try to meet your needs 
Nine: I will passively merge with you and make you feel understood 

Three: Emotions are messy and often unnecessary
Four: Emotions are important and unavoidable 

Three: I have lots of social energy and love small talk
Five: I have low social energy and do not enjoy small talk 

Three: I want to be the leader, or I’m good at leading
Six: I don’t want to be the leader; let me be part of a team 

Three: I want my choices to impress others
Seven: I want my choices to bring me fun and adventure 

Three: I need people to like me 
Eight: If you’re not important to me, I could care less if you like me 

Three: I make decisions quickly and efficiently 
Nine: I struggle to make decisions and it can stress me out 

Four: My emotions are very hard for me to ignore 
Five: If my emotions aren’t making sense logically, I ignore them 

Four: I romanticize relationships and the future
Six: I am very realistic about people and the world 

Four: Sadness is a strong emotion that needs to be honored by fully experiencing it 
Seven: Let’s look at the positive! I don’t want to be a downer 

Four: I struggle with taking things personally and I’m much more sensitive than I’d like people to believe 
Eight: I’m strong enough to take whatever you throw at me. I respect people who don’t tiptoe around feelings 

Four: Knowing what I want feels like knowing who I am 
Nine: It’s not natural for me to immediately know what I want or to ask for it 

Five: I like to be independent and left alone to do my work 
Six: I want to work along others and be part of a team 

Five: I have very low social energy and prefer to observe
Seven: I have high social energy and love to participate 

Five: My natural state of being is to not get involved
Eight: My natural state of being is to always get involved 

Five: I have strong opinions or no opinion at all
Nine: I struggle to know what my opinion is and default to your opinion 

Six: I don’t need much to be happy
Seven: I struggle to feel satisfied with what I have 

Six: I need to be aware of my surroundings and take precautions 
Eight: I don’t worry about much; I can take whatever you throw at me 

Six: I struggle to slow down and rest
Nine: Resting is one of my favorite hobbies 

Seven: The future is going to be amazing and I can’t wait 
Eight: I need to make the future what I want it to be and it’s going to take work 

Seven: People often describe me as upbeat, fun, and energetic 
Nine: People often describe me as quiet, kind, and easygoing 

Eight: I am not afraid of conflict; I welcome the challenge 
Nine: Conflict makes me very anxious and I hate it 


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