Enneagram Life Coaching

One on One

We are hosting 1-hour coaching sessions via Zoom or phone call. These are casual, but packed full of useful information!

Elisabeth will listen to your story, read through Enneagram type descriptions to see where they do and don't fit, teach you about facets of the Enneagram you might not have known, and ask you lots of questions.

These sessions are typically used for confirming typing and growth work.

Sessions are currently
$80 for 60min


A couples session is when both you and your partner are on a Zoom or phone call with Elisabeth together. The goal of the session is to learn about each other and use the Enneagram to spot pain points that your two Enneagram numbers may face in relationships.

Both of you will get a chance to talk to Elisabeth about your typing while your partner listens and learns about you. Then we will dive into pain points

Sessions at $250 for 90min


Elisabeth is currently teaching in-person group events in the Washington State (Thurston County) area. However, she is also willing to drop into your group via Zoom to do an Enneagram 101, topical discussion on the Enneagram, and answer any questions you might have.

Elisabeth has done coaching for MOPS groups, Real Estate groups, Day Spa staff, Entrepreneur groups, Church staff...etc.

In-person group events are typically 2hrs and prices vary based on travel, and the size of your group.

When Would I Hire an Enneagram Coach?

“My coaching experience was absolutely transformative. It was obvious from the start of the session that Elisabeth has a strong intuition about people and a deep understanding of the enneagram (with all its nuances!). I felt seen, heard, and understood throughout the experience, and when we landed on my type it was as if my entire life suddenly made sense. I’m so grateful to Elisabeth for her guidance. This is the missing piece for which I’ve been searching, and now I can truly begin to heal from my childhood wounds I’ve carried with me into adulthood. This coaching experience has renewed my hope as well as my faith.”


“Elisabeth was knowledgeable with the enneagram and was patient with helping me identify my type, asking meaningful questions to probe me towards the right direction. I’ve always assumed i was a misfit 7 but after today Elisabeth helped me figure out I’m maybe a self-preservation subtype of 2! I am thankful for her time!”


“Elisabeth is an excellent coach. She knew just the questions to ask. My 2+ years of searching for my enneagram number were finally clarified after just one conversation. I’m looking forward to some follow up coaching sessions.”


"Absolutely amazing! Elisabeth has such a wealth of knowledge about the enneagram and cleared up so much for me. She was so patient, easy to open up to, and a great listener. I felt so comfortable talking to her! After mistyping and then struggling to figure out my real type for months, Elisabeth was able to pinpoint my type, wing, and subtype in one conversation. It was hard to fall asleep that night because I was so excited about what I learned.

I truly think this was a turning point for me and I am excited to grow into who I was made to be. I’m very thankful for Elisabeth, for her gift of coaching, and her willingness to share her gift and knowledge with others. I can not recommend a coaching session with her enough!”


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