Christmas Hymns by Enneagram Type

Many of us have a soft place in our hearts for this time of year. No matter how stressful, chaotic, or cold the magic of Christmas is undeniable.

I'm an Enneagram Coach, and I can't help but think of all these distinct personality types as I listen to my favorite Christmas hymns. As a coach I get the honor of talking to your type, I've probably cried with your type, I've heard the deep hurts, and the high-highs of being your type. I honestly love your number in a very unique way, and out of that love I see how we appreciate you through song.

Here’s some lyrics/songs of the Christmas season that remind me of each type:


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Type TWO: "Let every heart prepare Him room" - Joy to the World

Our Twos are the Kings and Queens of preparing a room. Whether it be for company, for comfort, or for aesthetic. Now I know this lyric may be referring to a more pragmatic "get rid of what's distracting your heart, and make room for Jesus." Which is beautiful, and we definitely all need that - amen?

But I also feel like it's so beautiful to think of preparing your heart, as you would you home for company. I think one of the ways we do this practically is by participating in Advent.

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Type THREE: "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" - Angels We Have Heard On High

This lyric is Latin for "Glory to God in the Highest" and is an exclamation of the highest praise. Even if you, as a Three, deserve high praise for the value you add here on earth. THE highest praise always goes to Christ. I've seen many Threes live out this mindset so beautifully, and it's inspiring.

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Type FOUR: "Til He appeared and the Soul felt its worth" - O Holy Night

Has your soul ever "felt" the heaviness of an arrival. Whether it be a new baby, a new leader, or a guest in your own home. I believe this heaviness of soul, which is often a mixture of happiness and solemness, belongs to the Fours. This is such a beautiful way to think of Christs coming. Yes, Jesus let my soul feel your coming new again this season.


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Type FIVE: "Guide us to they perfect light" - We Three Kings

I knew the lyric for Fives needed to come from this song, but wasn't sure if there was one lyric that summed up why. The Wisemen dedicated their lives to studying the stars, and God used that knowledge in a very profound way. This particular lyric hit me, Fives want to find what is true and perfect, often doing this by obtaining knowledge. God is the guide, and if you're following His light you will find truth, knowledge, and wisdom there.

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Type SIX:  "O'Come all ye faithful"

This call to the faithful belongs to Sixes. I don't believe that you need a special time of year to remind you to be faithful. This call is a call you listen to all year long. Faithfulness is your gift. Just remember the lyrics that come next "joyful and triumphant" YOU embody these lyrics too, especially when you're healthy.

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Type SEVEN: "The stars were brightly shining." -O Holy Night

I know "Joy to the world" is a no brainer as a Christmas Seven lyric, but I think you bring more than just joy. You bring hope, light, a silver lining, reminding the rest of us to hope. In the dark you, Seven, are often the star who is brightly shining.


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Type EIGHT: "O'Come O'Come Emmanuel."

This WHOLE song feeling Eight-ish to me. It's a cry for God is to bring justice for His people. This is someone who is seeing what is going wrong and, in hope of a savior, is crying out for justice. "Ransom captive Israel" When you understand the history of Israel when Jesus was born, this song is solum and deep. Not flighty or frivolous like a lot of our Christmas songs. Yes, this is a Christmas hymn worthy of Eights.

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Type NINE: "All is calm all is bright." - O Holy Night

Oh, the hearts cry of type Nine. Calm, and happy.  All is calm...all is bright. A cup of hot chocolate by a Christmas tree as your children sleep. Or reading a book next to a flickering fireplace.

This is your wish for the holidays, and it's mine for you as well. May Jesus be who brings you calm and joy this season.

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Type ONE: "He rules the world with truth and grace" - Joy to the World

Ones, I know this is something you reflect and admire about our Savior. You can trust the God who rules the world perfectly, in truth and grace. I know you long for that truth, but don't forget to also receive the grace.


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